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MAKELTON is dedicated to promoting environmental preservation and the responsible use of natural resources. They ensure that all their plants and systems adhere to the highest environmental standards, providing eco-friendly and efficient products. Additionally, the company is committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Concerning climate protection, MAKELTON firmly believes in its capacity to contribute significantly to safeguarding the environment for future generations. Hence, environmental protection is a core principle and primary objective within the company’s operations, encompassing pollution prevention and resource conservation.


Understanding the adverse effects of climate change and its potential impact on sustainable development, MAKELTON is resolute in decreasing their carbon footprint significantly. The company is actively working on enhancing energy efficiency and incorporating a higher proportion of renewable energy resources at their production locations.

Aside from minimizing their own carbon footprint, MAKELTON places significant emphasis on developing sustainable solutions and products that assist their customers in reaching their sustainability objectives while optimizing resource utilization. These technologies not only facilitate the creation of a robust infrastructure but also drive innovation and promote sustainable industrialization.

MAKELTON offers a diverse array of sustainable solutions and products aimed at environmental preservation, decarbonization, and achieving carbon neutrality. Additionally, their range encompasses solutions that foster a circular economy and facilitate the reuse of side-stream resources. Moreover, MAKELTON implement measures like predictive maintenance to extend the lifespan of equipment and machines.


Ensuring the highest standards of product quality and safety is our topmost priority in all our daily activities and operations. To achieve this, MAKELTON has established a comprehensive quality management system. This system meticulously monitors and guarantees that our products, technologies, and projects are meticulously planned, engineered, and processed in accordance with the strictest safety and environmental regulations. Moreover, these products undergo internal and external certifications to validate their adherence to these requirements. Regular checks are conducted to assess their potential impact on health and safety.


Every initiative undertaken by MAKELTON is driven by the paramount objective of guaranteeing the highest level of environmental protection. Our relentless efforts are directed towards reducing the environmental impact of our own operations and production facilities while optimizing the management of resources. The ultimate aim is to improve the efficiency of material usage during production, leading to a decrease in waste generation. Ideally, we aspire to use raw materials that are completely recyclable or reusable, thereby contributing to the establishment of a circular economy. We remain fully dedicated to consistently lowering our water consumption and minimizing waste production to preserve the Earth’s precious natural resources.