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Makelton, a new way of in Specialty Machines

Building on its unique set of expertise in Machine Design and automation, Makelton designs machines to address the ever-growing demand for innovative and sustainable  materials, driven by the challenges of user friendly new technologies,  versatility, and increasing cost reduction.

The company is structured into 2 complementary segments dedicated to Adhesive Application systems (Hot Melt Glue, Cold Glue),  Web Handling Components leveraging competitive product lines.

By the extensive know-how on machine design and engineering, Makelton produced in Istanbul-Turkey.

Our Machines

Makelton cultivate interaction with its clients, and innovates around 4solution-oriented research platforms:

  • Hot melt glue application
  • Cold Glue application
  • Winding and Unwinding Machines
  • Web handling components

These 4 segments shape the Makelton’s R&D to specify the major trends today and in the near future.